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File: Threat Plates01-16-11
Feature request / how do i get this to work
Posted By: Odeanathus
Hello there, first off. I love the addon, it makes my job of tanking bullshit that get's bodypulled alot easier ^^ It would be nice however to get another bar setting (and possibly a name list, or going by the tank settings done in a raid) for mobs that are tanked by another tank, currently those showup as npc's i have no threat o...
File: Towelliee's Tank UI / LUI (16:9)11-14-10
Some small problems
Posted By: Odeanathus
Well i have the minimap not showing problem but that's easily resolved but just checking the show minimap option like stated before. How ever i have two other problems which so far i haven't been able to fix. It seems for some reason the location of some of my screenobjects is off. The target's target bar is on my buttons my ow...