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File: Dj Zeta Feat Murloc - Creature Labs 104-06-06
lmao my friend ..... lmao. This is...
Posted By: keiichi
lmao my friend ..... lmao. This is really quite cool and i like how you mixed in the Murloc sound effects but i think that the mixing in of the sound effects could be a little better even thought it is quite good ..... but i think that you did an awesome joband i think you should do one with mainly WoW sould effects instead of just...
File: Igor's MassAuction03-09-06
it doesnt work
Posted By: keiichi
im sry but this doesnt work. I've tried all i know to try to make it work and it doesnt, and it makes it to where i cant even click on items which i think you should fix. FYI the message i get is "C/program files/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons/IgorsMassAution/IgorsMassAution.lua:11: attempt to access global 'AutionFrame' (a nil...
File: Soundtrack02-20-06
what if you have itunes then what d...
Posted By: keiichi
what if you have itunes then what do you do?????