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File: BeneaUI (1920 x 1080)11-29-10
SBF Error
Posted By: girthyman
I get an error when trying to remove a buff saying "Dismissing buffs with right click is currently unavailable due to blizzard shenanigans" Are we just waiting for an update to SBF or is there a way around this? Thank you,
File: BeneaUI (1920 x 1080)11-19-10
Re: Re: Few Questions
Posted By: girthyman
Originally posted by Benea Chat box: Just right click on the chat tab you want to change and go to settings to specify which channels or colors you want to see/change. If you want to customize the chatbox background/border/fonts etc, choose chatter settings after right clicking. I use Gnosis for the cast bar (player), I just o...
File: BeneaUI (1920 x 1080)11-18-10
Few Questions
Posted By: girthyman
Love the interface. I am absolutely digging it. There are just a few things that are hard for me to get used to. The chat boxes, how can I customize that a bit? I may be strange, but I kinda like to see all my stuff in the same window, rather than it be broken up. One other thing. The bar that is used for both casting and tracking co...