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File: SliceCommander01-30-11
Posted By: nicolasm3
Hello, no i cannot move it there is no red square or anything similar. Also cant hide the energy bar. on every relog it will re-appear. Stays hidden ooc but the moment i get in combat appears. I have to open the config menu uncheck and recheck the hide energy bar so it can go off...for that session. Rapture is mentioned also...
File: SliceCommander01-29-11
how the hell
Posted By: nicolasm3
How the hell do you move the bars? Seriously right click not working, all combination not working (shift, ctrl etc). Also there is no test bar so i need to go to a target dummy every time to get something like snd or whatever so i can configure the bar visually?
File: Shadowed Unit Frames11-21-10
Very nice
Posted By: nicolasm3
Nice UF and work. Just 3 bugs i got 1) cant click off buffs - i suppose its because of blizzards new ideas about code locking? 2) Cant see the roll dice when rolling for items. 3) Got a huge EXPERIENCE bar on the top of my screen. cant find a way to remove it. N