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File: ArkInventory04-06-11
Hide virtual bar
Posted By: cousinitt
Can you add an ability to hide some of the virtual bars? I keep my os equipment with me and I would like to hide that virtual bar.
File: VendorSearch01-27-11
I can't get this addon to work :(....
Posted By: cousinitt
I can't get this addon to work :(. I tried downloading it from different addon sites but the game says it is outdated. I really want to use it since I find it very useful.
File: ArkInventory11-30-10
Mass tranasfer?
Posted By: cousinitt
Is there a way to transfer all the contents of a bar from my bag to my bank? This would be very useful for crafting, I have a bar for Blacksmithing related stuff which I load into my bag when crafting and back to the bank when I finish.