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File: WoW UI Designer03-04-11
Posted By: BenitoS
I've been using this IDE for a few days and it makes it so much easier to program. But I am coming across a problem with the GUI portion of the designer. I dropped a Combobox onto the Frame, and I filled in the "Items" collection area with my items. However, when I run the AddOn in WoW, the Combobox doesn't do anything, no dropdow...
File: SpartanUI12-19-10
How Do I ...
Posted By: BenitoS
I just installed this UI, so far it looks amazing... One question... How do I stop the "mini" bars at the top from collapsing/shrinking when I am not hovering with the mouse? I want them both to be fully open at all times. And also, how to I get the Casting Countdown bar and XP bar to fill LEFT to RIGHT? Insead of RIGHT to LEFT?