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File: Aliena's Interface Pack08-09-11
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Originally posted by diddlleedee Hi, I know this may sound noobish but I'm new to WoW Interface. Can you use these add-ons on Mac computers as well or is it only for Windows? Spent a fortune on a new Mac only to discover now how restricted they are!! Yeah you can use addons on macs.
File: Qulight UI07-15-11
Two bugs: When you move chat f...
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Two bugs: When you move chat frame with /ui the text bar when you press enter (where your typing appears) doesnt move and I havent found a way to move it. The cooldown display shows the 'Strike' icon from Arms instead of the 'Shield Slam' icon its meant to from Protection.
File: Qulight UI07-14-11
Hey, first great addon. However...
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Hey, first great addon. However I am a tank and i really like tidy plates: threat plates... Specifically when they are different colour if you dont have aggro. How would I install tidy plates as its not letting me, or is there an option to do something similar in the addon pack... Can anyone help? Thanks EDIT: Saw it on first o...