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File: Altz UI for Legion09-01-17
Updating your UI
Posted By: linitus
After 7.3 hit ive had some issues with the bag cleaning. Do i need to update the addon pack? and how do i do this? do i need to re-install the entire UI from scratch?
File: Altz UI for Legion05-15-17
DBM And Skada?
Posted By: linitus
Hi - Are DBM & Skada already in the config? or do i have to download them seperatly? and if yes, is there a profile so they match the overall UI, or do i have to config it myself?
File: Aliena's Interface Pack01-12-13
Cant get it to work
Posted By: linitus
I downlaoded the Addon pack, and did everything, normaly it works on other compilations, but this one is jsut so outdated, that its impossible to make it look like the real deal. So i was wandering if anyone could upload her/his UI, or update this UI, since i really like it, and i think its a shame that it hasnet gotten the attention...
File: Smauzt's Monk UI01-01-13
Things that could be nice :)
Posted By: linitus
Hi Smauzt's This is a really nice compilation, and i like the style of it :) ive tryed to use it, but not all stuff was how it looked on the picture- "no profile for monktimer, omen and dps meter was wrong place, map addon was just normal ect. i just got some few things that might help this :) Use the addon Called Reflux...
File: Kripp UI - 1920 x 108011-28-12
Posted By: linitus
Anyone who has the problem with the Chat frame after update? Atm the name of general tab and combat log dosnt disappear anymore... and the arrows at the side of the chat have appeared... and i have no clue how to remove them and make the names of the chat tabs disappear :/ anyone got some tips on how to fix this issue? PS:...
File: RealUI06-29-11
The rupture on icehud dosnt show
Posted By: linitus
Hi i have updated the addon, and everythig works as it should, the only thing is, that it dosnt show my rupture on my rogue? :( can you please help?
File: RealUI05-21-11
Problem with ICEhud
Posted By: linitus
Hi :) great UI :) i only got problems with they icehud :( im a rogue... and it wont show my rupture or envenom :( do you know how to fix?
File: Legnaros UI(The artist formely known as RobroCop UI)04-22-11
Posted By: linitus
HI :) great UI :) i just got a problem with chatter.... if i get a whisper it looks like it go into a other channel, only for you and the one your whispering with.... but i cant figure out how to get back to trade and raid and all the other channel :( please help :)
File: RealUI01-21-11
Hi and thx for the great UI :) i on...
Posted By: linitus
Hi and thx for the great UI :) i only got 1 problem... everytime i chance something, next day i log on again, it has been reset? is that something a addon does, or what? Sorry for my bad english :(
File: RealUI01-19-11
Posted By: linitus
I really wanna use DXE, but the bars when im in a hc or raid, dont show up :( no warnings... or what spell is comming up :( is there a way to get that? or do i need to install and set a whole new boss mod up? :( Please answer fast :)
File: Lea's Ui11-29-10
combo points
Posted By: linitus
Hi i love your UI, but i only got 2 problems, i can't figure out how to scale the satrina buffs and debuffs, the scale option not there :( and the second one, i cant figure out where my combo points are, its not on my target, and i cant find it in the option to set it on :( PLEASE HELP ME :D