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File: Urban Achiever12-16-10
Wow, looks like you're really pushi...
Posted By: ElderIlem
Wow, looks like you're really pushing new features these days. Thanks! :) For the new guild tab's deDE localization... UARecentGuildAchiev = "Neueste Gildenerfolge" Cheers, Ilem
File: Urban Achiever11-29-10
German localization
Posted By: ElderIlem
Hello, Thanks, first of all, for UA and maintaining it all this time! Since you still have a call for several localizations on the add-on info page, I've taken just a little time to come up with a German (deDE) set. Even though I'm German, I play on the U.S. realms and am used to Blizzard's English terminology, so it was just a...