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File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar03-16-13
Stuf Unit Frames not working with Quartz
Posted By: Zyrjin
Hello, I use Stuf Unit Frames and I haven't been able to overlap them in such a way that allows me to still see it. Is it a problem with Quartz or Stuf or LUA change I could make or what?
File: Dominos02-16-13
I've had a problem with bars overlapping
Posted By: Zyrjin
Hello, I have used Dominos for years and have had only one recurring problem. Occasionally the bars will overlap when I try to lock them to one another. It gets insanely frustrating when trying to adjust bars or change the order of bars. Has anyone else experienced this problem. (It should also be noted I am using masque: rectangles...
File: The Ultimate Shaman UI 5.0.5 - 1920 x 1080 [16:9-WIDE]10-16-12
I've got two problems here, first i...
Posted By: Zyrjin
I've got two problems here, first is the annoying "Alert!" sound that plays every 5 seconds that I can't figure how to turn off, and second is the big grid that appears mid-screen whenever I enter a bg, that doesn't seems draggable. Help? The "Alert" sound if from the BugGrabber AddOn. It plays that sound every time a bug is grabb...