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File: CooldownButtons(Fun Update)12-10-10
Re: Re: Shared but different cooldowns
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Originally posted by Star_Hobbit Feral Charge spell has no "(cat)"/"(bear)" text in it's name or it has? Well, not in the spellbook, but if I open up my spellbook and the macro editor and shift-click on one of the spells, I get one of the following: /cast Feral Charge(Bear Form) /cast Feral Charge(Cat Form) with no space...
File: CooldownButtons(Fun Update)12-09-10
Shared but different cooldowns
Posted By: Istaro
Hi, Thanks for working on this! When you get a chance (I'm sure it's not top priority since as far as I know it's only for one spec, but maybe other have similar issues), there's this weird thing with feral druids where two spells ("Feral Charge(Cat)" and "Feral Charge(Bear)") trigger each other's cooldown but have cooldowns of d...