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File: Duffed UI V612-04-11
merith.lua bug
Posted By: Zakon
merith.lua is missing local variable font2 as show below. unitframes crash on my priest with a nasty red datatext panel looking for font2. local font = C.font local font1 = C.uffont local normTex = C.normTex local glowTex = C.glowTex local bubbleTex = C.bubbleTex local fontflag = C.outline local fontsize = C.fontsize+1 to...
File: SilverDragon01-02-11
Missing rare
Posted By: Zakon
Hi, I just noticed "Vigdis the War Maiden" in Howling Fjord is missing in the database, link for her: Zakon
File: Duffed UI v512-10-10
First I would like to say good job...
Posted By: Zakon
First I would like to say good job to hank for this nice UI, there has been a few questions about "Chat window Locking" after hours of searching I finally found a fix. \o/ open \Interface\AddOns\Tukui\scripts\chat.lua find function TukuiDB.ChatCopyButtons() and delete 2 lines: cf:SetScript("OnEnter", function() button:Set...