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File: EoUI08-28-11
Re: Re: SBF malfunction
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Originally posted by Eolian I've never seen anything like that. Try deleting the two SBF folders in your Interface > Addons main folders and reinstalling it separately from the wowinterface link here. If that still doesnt work, type /sbf options andcheck on the first page to see if anything is checked. There are two sections...
File: EoUI08-27-11
SBF malfunction
Posted By: alexjett
I am getting an error with SBF that makes it so i can not see any of the buffs or debuffs http://screenshot.xfire.com/s/117406858-3.jpg here is the LUA error SatrinaBuffFrame-3.2\SBFFrame.lua:348: attempt to call method 'SetParent' (a nil value) SBFOptions-3.2\SatrinaBuffFrameOptions.lua:263: in function `SetupFrame' SBFOpti...
File: Caith UI07-07-11
Posted By: alexjett
I you are not going to update it can you find someone in the community to continue your UI because it is the best UI i have found and wow sucks without it
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.06-26-11
Trade chat?
Posted By: alexjett
I have been using your ui for a few weeks and i love it, but i cannot for the life of me find the chat frame i have looked through the chatter options and i can't find it, so can you help me
File: GrimUI01-11-11
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Originally posted by NyteShayde -facepalm- Disregard my comment about moving party frames, I just made myself look stupid. However, all of my previous gripes aside.. Why won't my button settings save? I had set everything up, and then logged out to make sure I had one of my own addons enabled, logged back in, and a few issue...
File: GrimUI01-10-11
disappearing buttons
Posted By: alexjett
every time I logout or close WoW it deleats all my buttons on the bar... but the hotkeys all still work and the bars are not under the hidden bars for macroon I love the ui though:(:(