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File: Tidy Plates11-27-12
Not working
Posted By: Atalex
Definitely not working for me. I use weakauras. Is there a conflict with that?
File: ReadySpells08-04-12
Exceptionally useful
Posted By: Atalex
This addon is extremely cool and has the potential to replace my action bars. I'd like to suggest some changes to make it better for warriors. We need the spells: Darkflight and Disrupting Shout added. We need Demorilization Shout and Rend removed. it doesn't seem to want to accept my typed-in spells and goes blank when I click "Acce...
File: Nice Damage (font)03-02-11
Posted By: Atalex
Seriously? A .rar file?
File: UWorldPvP12-31-10
Posted By: Atalex
I just installed this addon and noticed an issue. The mouseover information works for allies but not for opposite faction members. I get no information displayed at all. Also, the tracking window doesn't display anything other than the name of moused-over opposite faction members. Is there anything I can do to fix this on my end?...