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Fonts D:
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So, like some of the below posters, I'm attempting to change the font for this addon. I too have a huge list of fonts, however I'm not even getting a drop down for me to apparently not be able to scroll through. I've found the Arial font in the LUA, but I'm unsure if changing this would actually make it use the font I'm wanting to us...
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Re: Questions
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1. It should be, but I can't say one way or the other since I don't play on an RP server or RP anyway. 2. Yes. If you open up KG Panels (/kgpanels config) there should be some art panels to toggle and play with. I forget the name of the panels you want to delete or drop the transparency to 0%, but it's in there. 3. Perfectly no...
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Re: Hello
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Originally posted by Zorixion Cisene i was that one ninja that got in ur vent xD but i got banned o well i got everything fixed but what i think you should do is with the power auras the soul swap aura should be eraced and be replaced with the improved soul fire because with soul swap once u press it u usally use it u know and its...
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Originally posted by Ikoll I love...
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Originally posted by Ikoll I love the work you've put forward with this, but my stupid self is still having problems with the bottom bar. (Part of that may be clique, but not sure?) Most of the info/text/numbers/etc are still centered in the middle of the screen, and I have not a clue what to do. Also, I'm having a few problems wit...