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File: OPie01-07-11
Right-Click closing dial
Posted By: SlapnutsGT
Quick one.. Is there anyway to disable when you right click and it closes the radial? I PvP only and mouse turn, and I have a sweet set up with naga mouse and this add-on but right clicking to turn is closing radial and causing me to run straight path (breaks the camera's rotate command ??). Thanks.
File: sHUD12-20-10
I had a quick question about your a...
Posted By: SlapnutsGT
I had a quick question about your addon. I'm trying to use it to make my life bar appear over my head horizontally and I got that set by modifying the config and one value in the sHud file, I forget which. My question is I want to only have only my health display ... any quick way possible to remove self power and target health/pow...