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File: Mute Annoying WoW Sounds07-30-11
FIX NEEDED: Deathy's annoying burps...
Posted By: speedwaystar
FIX NEEDED: Deathy's annoying burps are actually at \\base\\sounds\\creature\\..., rather than the usual \\sounds\\creature (for no good reason).
File: QuestGuru01-20-11
Quest Announcements
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(Apologies if this has already been mentioned) In recent builds of QG all toons share the same Quest Announcement messages. Previously, each character could have their own custom message. Any chance of reinstating this? Also, "Announce when you accept a new Quest" hasn't worked since 4.0.3, (I think because the QUEST_ACCEPTED e...
File: Karni's Crap Filter10-18-10
Re: Updates?
Posted By: speedwaystar
Originally posted by twickstr This is such a cool addon... I came back to wow, and find it does not work. Are you able to update it plz? thanks. +1!