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File: Rufio UI Classic11-29-16
Hey, nice UI btw, i dont want the a...
Posted By: chichopow
Hey, nice UI btw, i dont want the action bar to hide, not the right one, just the middle on, i want to have 3 bars instead of 2, not on mouseover, any way to do that?+ Thanks Edit: Also noticed when i complete a world quest or get an achievement, its on top left corner, any way to move that?
File: Vytle [Caith UI MoP Update]07-06-13
hi, i love the ui but how can i put...
Posted By: chichopow
hi, i love the ui but how can i put the tooltip anchor to my mouse? i dont like that position >_>
File: Rufio UI Classic10-27-12
having troubles with xCT, incoming...
Posted By: chichopow
having troubles with xCT, incoming damage and incoming heals work just fine, and the test mode shows numbers in the damage windows, but when I actually hit a target with a spell or i heal myself nothing happens (its like xct healing and damage frame is not showing i dont know why, tried to reset all the thinggys but nothing). Any Id...
File: Rufio UI Classic10-17-12
Ok, theres any error in BugSack spa...
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Ok, theres any error in BugSack spamming ; 1. AddOn "rufioSettings" tried to call the protected function "TargetFrameToT:Show()". (x50)
File: Rufio UI Classic10-09-12
hello rufio i have this problem wit...
Posted By: chichopow
hello rufio i have this problem with the stance buttons, i tried to dl moveanything but seems like its bugged or something. http://i.imgur.com/th9yu.jpg Cant move them from the mid, neither with the moveanything they seem to be at the bottom part but it doesnt. What can i do to move it? Then another question, is there any way...
File: Caith UI01-17-11
Re: Re: hp percent
Posted By: chichopow
Originally posted by v1nk 1st you'll have to edit the pitbull Caith settings, /pb > Layout Editor > yopart (I think :P) > Texts > "current text: name" then edit the code to suit your needs :) 2nd the addon is called LoseControl you can move them by typing /lc. 2nd fixed but 1st doesnt work :S had Difference HP on that "Code"...
File: Caith UI01-16-11
hp percent
Posted By: chichopow
is there any way to show the deficit hp ( -2840 for example ) instead of % in party frames? couse im healer and ill preffer to see like that, thanks and big up for this UI ! :D edit: and why do i see that square in the party frame with a timer on the square instead on the debuff icon or wathever, also happens in my unitframe somet...
File: Skaarj UI12-21-10
how is to put the "Tip" anchored to...
Posted By: chichopow
how is to put the "Tip" anchored to mouse? thanks :D pd: how can i move the position of the damage done text? instead of in the top of the target ? and to modify the party frame?