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File: Qulight UI02-09-11
Re: Solved
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Originally posted by Cty Guys, the issue to solving this, is despite what you might think, very easy. The issue, believe it or not, is the fact the spell: Drain Mana is not longer in the game. So. Go to QulightUI/uf/castbar.lua and remove: = 5, -- drain mana Type /rl And tadaa Hope it helps some people, as I was quit...
File: Qulight UI02-02-11
Auto Repair
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Hey everyone *Again* So this time im here to ask how to fix the auto repair function, I went into tweak.lua and deleted the repair section and when i logged back in the whole UI was gone Im pretty sure I did it wrong, So if anyone has an answer on how to fix this I would appreciate it very much, If I can get this fixed It will be...
File: Qulight UI01-14-11
Something Needs to be done about this Tooltip problem
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Hey Quilight! Over the past few weeks Ive just looked over the fact that in your UI the tool tip covers like 90% of your new side action bars I didnt think much of it because I kinda knew what was where but last night when we were fighting Cho'gall and I had to scattershot The stupid tooltip kept getting in the way and I kept pres...
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Hey, Why my experience bar / reputa...
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Hey, Why my experience bar / reputation bar doesent show up and just randomly shows up when im on my alts