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File: Button Forge11-05-12
Target=party1 option
Posted By: realcyberghost
First of all I'd like to thank you for creating this nice addon. It works pretty well. However for me, to make this addon fully functional ( as a replacement for Group Buttons, party bars, extreme unitbuttons or healium ), I need an extra option. As a healer I would like to be able to set the target for a bar. It's main advant...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons12-26-10
It works
Posted By: realcyberghost
After changing that line it works fine. Thanks !
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons12-25-10
Shadowform not working
Posted By: realcyberghost
Hey, First of all thanks for all the hard work, xub is starting to shape up to a worthy groupbuttons replacement. Secondly, I wish there would be a simple list with all the possible commands and syntax of xub, I had a hard time finding the bits and pieces all over the web to put it all together. Anyway, now that I am nearly...