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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)10-02-12
I'm having issues with moving or ev...
Posted By: WickedJinx
I'm having issues with moving or even hiding the combo points for my feral. I looked under player and I see the other shapeshift stuff for mana bar and eclipse and such. I swear I looked everywhere and there is nothing stating combo bar.
File: It's kind of cute...set for kgpanels10-02-12
Re: UI
Posted By: WickedJinx
Love the UI! could you tell me about the two frames there at the bottom...the one with the time and the CD timmer, what addones are those? Thanks! Oh man, I stopped coming to this site a long time ago so I totally missed PM's and stuff. Well, if you are still around or for anyone who see's this, I'm using Stuf addon for the frames.
File: aCpoint10-02-12
Re: Re: Re: Not saving some settings
Posted By: WickedJinx
Locking the frame will save the position. Sorry it took so long to get back. I just tried it - frame lock does not do it. I move the frame to where I want it, lock frame and turn off config mode. Logged out and back in - frame has moved back to the default location. The orb size/position/color is saved, but not the overall pos...
File: SLDataText10-01-12
Posted By: WickedJinx
Is there any way to show all the fonts? For some reason the fonts don't show properly, the drop down menu goes off the top of the screen.
File: AI-Art01-14-11
Re: Please help me get this working.
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Originally posted by hadeondesign One thing I must say is there needs to be detailed instructions on how to implement this package. (There may be and I am unfamiliar with WoWInterface.coms ui so I may be overlooking it) I used my thinking cap and took it as we just download the package, and extract it to C:/Program Files/Worldof...