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File: JIM's Abacus for Minimap08-22-06
Some ideas for abacus if one has tooo many icons around the minimap.
Posted By: Antikleia
I've many icons around my minimap, and many of them were spread around with a higher radius. This was before I tried abacus... Using Abacus all of my icons are sorted around the closest circle around the minimap. Icons that were fixed to a larger radius are moved closer to the minimap. This way many of my icons do overlap and clicki...
File: Yatlas02-02-06
Hi endx7, I like this addon very...
Posted By: Antikleia
Hi endx7, I like this addon very much, but it's a pity that my german client I encounter some localisation problems. At the moment I'm using Version 0.6.2 The problems show up as follows: 1) Anytime I startup, it throws an error having problems in Yatlas.lua Line 530 2) On opening the map it often has problems showing me the...