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File: Shadowed Unit Frames01-27-13
Having some issues with SUF, possib...
Posted By: ausmara
Having some issues with SUF, possibly because I have other UF addons as well however. Currently when I try to edit a layout (After enabling that unit) I can change/set things for the unit, but not global settings. The bars also look like test bars, even player and target which should show while I'm out of party, raid, etc. I'm us...
File: LittleBuddha Chat Flash Manager01-27-13
Saw that it was a part of ElvUI a l...
Posted By: ausmara
Saw that it was a part of ElvUI a little bit after I posted that, but now I have another question. Is there a way to change the color of the highlight and the 'size', like maybe making it take up more of the tab?
File: LittleBuddha Chat Flash Manager01-22-13
Chat mod?
Posted By: ausmara
Was wondering what chat mod(s) you use in your screenshot. If you can remember. Addon is perfect by the way, helped me cut down on chat frames.
File: Wanderlust12-30-10
Woops haha, I searched for LFG not...
Posted By: ausmara
Woops haha, I searched for LFG not LFD. Thanks!
File: Wanderlust12-29-10
LFD Icon
Posted By: ausmara
I have a problem. If I move the map to the left corner of the screen then I can no longer mouse over the LFD icon and get details about the qeue, or teleport to dungeon, etc. Is there anyway to change that so the icon 'popup' appears out to the right?
File: oUF_Hank12-28-10
Hide parts of frames.
Posted By: ausmara
Don't know if this is still being updated/worked on or whatever. But I have a question, is there anyway to hide the the parts of the target frame with Name/HP/Power/%, pretty much everything but the buffs. I want to use the buff/debuff frame under another frame because I like the way they work. I just can't figure out how to do it, I...