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File: iLive user interface12-31-10
nothing is correct on placement or styles
Posted By: Rattitude
Please take another look at your latest upload pack and settings, ive done a correct install 3 times now and nothing sits right on 1920*1080p with ui scale to the far left on slider.. also pitbul frames look nothing like urs on a swith iLive.. :( looked clean was hoping for better will try one more time.. EDIT: I have it sor...
File: TotemTimers12-31-10
Posted By: Rattitude
Hi I have recently delved into the class of 'shaman' first time in like yearrrs of playing all other classes for most part :D late I know.. I have this addon within the ultimate shaman ui compilation, but for the life of me I can not seem to work out how the heck multicast is done to keybind to cast my earth and searing totem at...
File: Dajova's UI (Tukui)12-29-10
Re: Re: Slight Annoyance with CCP
Posted By: Rattitude
Originally posted by Dajova uhm, you just want to use the font or what? do like this: 1. open up Tukui\config\media.lua and add a new font, like... = ], 2. move the font from the original CCP package to Tukui\media\fonts and name it "ui_font.ttf" 3. open up Tukui\scripts\combo.lua and change local uf_font, uf_fsize, uf_ffl...
File: Dajova's UI (Tukui)12-28-10
Action bar buttons
Posted By: Rattitude
Hello there, Did have a look but did not see where to change so far, I notice the screenshots all have 18 buttons per the 2 main bars, mine on default install and setup has 12... Ive activated the right hand bar from the config file but I would also like extended buttons on the main bars..*noticed its not the main bars extended...