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File: Roth UI (Diablo)05-12-11
Where is it ?
Posted By: kurt33000
Hello, congratulation for this. But I cannot find my character page, and "C" is a keybinding. Where can I find it ? I'm sorry I'm ont English, I don't read perfectly, thank you.
File: Carbon UI - DPS / Heal / Tank01-17-11
Re: Re: Does not work.
Posted By: kurt33000
Originally posted by Scrapz Just follow the last Step: type exactly /reflux switch Carbon in the Chat and your UI reloads. After that it looks like the screenshots. If not, you did anything wrong in the first steps. I followed step by step and did type the exact same stuff, but thanks, I'll retry man.
File: Carbon UI - DPS / Heal / Tank01-16-11
Does not work.
Posted By: kurt33000
Hello, I followed everything, Account name, server name, character name, place every flile at the right place, but once in the game, the UI is messy, absoluteley not like you, is it normal ? I suck at Ui !
File: Tron Tribute MTP01-07-11
I suck
Posted By: kurt33000
Hello here, I'm French, and I really suck at Ui. May someone take a minute to tell me How to take this into Kg pannel ( which I can't get how this thing works ) ? Have a nice day.