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File: CLC DK05-31-11
Plz add Pestilence for interrupt
Posted By: hmo123
CLC DK interrupt option of shows mind freeze. Pestilence would like to know that you can not even show. Pestilence onsumes runes, mind freeze spending runepower. i think mind freeze the first to show, and cooldown then Pestilence to be shown.
File: CLC DK01-22-11
UnholyDK, improve the way the questions.
Posted By: hmo123
Always useful, and so thank you. There seems to be difficult to improve the way the questions. Unholy DK to need to keep the Dark Transform ghoul. Runic power save function to transform the ghoul Dark Transform! Would it be possible?
File: CLC DK01-03-11
One Question
Posted By: hmo123
Thank you for always. One problem is the question, or if there is improvement. Al'akir - Throne of Four Winds, 3 phase, if the characters got on the clouds 'CLC DK' does not work. In addition Character 'Vehicle' state, 'CLC DK' does not work on the issue. I would like to know if the direction of improvement. Thanks!