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File: hud03-18-09
This (to me) is the best looking Hu...
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This (to me) is the best looking Hud I have ever seen. I am not normally a fan of huds but this one provides info in a very well driven means. I cannot wait to see it when you get more functionality in it. Unfortunatly for me at this time, my main is a Priest and it doesnt seem to have functionality like it does for a DK. Im reall...
File: PitBull 3.011-13-08
Just a post for the author. Hoping...
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Just a post for the author. Hoping you add Death Knight runes fix soon :banana: Hard to live without my Pitbull :P
File: Altoholic05-06-08
I just have to comment that this is...
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I just have to comment that this is one of the better mods Ive downloaded in a long while. I ended up deleting about 3-4 other mods because this one did the function of the others and in a much better way. My hats off to Thaoky. Keep up the good work. One issue I ran into: I left a guild but Altaholics kept the guild bank and I...
File: Scrolling Combat Text09-28-07
Update to my last was jus...
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Update to my last was just my profile file got corrupted or something *shrug*
File: Scrolling Combat Text09-27-07
2.2 Issue
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Ever since 2.2, any time I try to load a profile my game just crashes out and the WoW client gives its error message that the game crashed. Anything new in 2.2 that would be causing this? As of this posting Im going to try and wipe out my SavedVariables ( :( ) and try again.