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File: Svelte UI02-02-11
Double Grid Problem Solved
Posted By: Exzira
I actually solved it finally. Just yesterday. Stuf raid frames wasnt showing up in the addons list, but it was still in the addons folder. And it was responding to all of the commands i gave grid i.e. indicator icons, 40 man or 25 man in bgs etc. I do not know if it is a fumction of Stuf to do that, I have looked all over it's page a...
File: Svelte UI01-10-11
Double Grid Problem
Posted By: Exzira
I love Svelte. I have been using it for about 18 months (give or take :P). But when I update to 4.0, I have 2 Grids. I have looked all thru, well everything I can. If I change an option, it more or less changes it to both of them. One is in the place it should be. The other is hovering over my toons Stuf bar. I dont have to grids lo...