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File: Accountant01-28-15
Hi, first time using this addon and...
Posted By: ameer
Hi, first time using this addon and it tells me I have revenue from taxi fares? How come? Also it logs a lot of the gold I pick up from the mailbox as coming from mail not from auctions which is the actual source of the gold. I'm using the Postal mailbox addon. Perhaps there is some conflict between the two? Any help to straighten th...
File: BagSync10-28-14
Some items are behaving weirdly. Ha...
Posted By: ameer
Some items are behaving weirdly. Had a piece of shoulder armor in the void storage that was not showing. I thought I had accidentally sold them, but when I disabled the addon and reloaded they appeared. Then I enabled the addon, and it worked, it showed the armor.
File: BagSync10-22-14
Posted By: ameer
Just a head's up, Bagsync2 sees the stuff that the updated version of Bagsync doesn't, namely some trillium in my reagent bank only thing is it just says bank instead of reagent bank. Something broke when Bagsync was updated. Also no issues displaying things in the reagent bank. I don't know much about addons but perhaps it has so...
File: BagSync10-22-14
Problem is, it now counts regeants...
Posted By: ameer
Problem is, it now counts regeants twice. I have 278 Ghost iron bar in the regeant bank and Bagsync says I have 278 in the bank and 278 in the regeant bank. It says total 556 which is not true. Used 10 of them and now says 278 in the bank and 268 in the regeant bank. I only actually have the 268 in the regeant bank. The ones in t...
File: BagSync10-22-14
Welcome back Xruptor! Thank you for...
Posted By: ameer
Welcome back Xruptor! Thank you for your efforts!
File: BagSync10-20-14
Thank you very much Fleurr. However...
Posted By: ameer
Thank you very much Fleurr. However I'd suggest you direct comments to your addon's page since this is one redundant now. Great initiative!
File: BagSync210-20-14
Thank you very much Fleurr for taki...
Posted By: ameer
Thank you very much Fleurr for taking it upon yourself to keep this great addon up to date!
File: BagSync10-17-14
Works with 6.0.2 except for tokens....
Posted By: ameer
Works with 6.0.2 except for tokens. Doesn't work for me. It is not updating the quantity of materials on the character. Also there are LUA errors when using void storage or bank. Neither does it record any new additions to void storage.
File: BagSync10-16-14
Posted By: ameer
Hi! I love this addon, it's the best out there, will it be updated for 6.0.2 and beyond? Thank you!
File: SliceCommander11-21-13
Dispatch icon.
Posted By: ameer
Hi, I'm having a rather weird problem. The dispatch icon doesn't show anymore when blindside procs, it only shows when the target is below 35%. It used to show even above 35% when blindside proced. I've tried everything and this is driving me crazy, I even deleted cache, interface and wtf folders and started the game with only slicec...
File: Derevka UI02-16-11
Question about addons in this UI pack
Posted By: ameer
Hello and thank you for this awesome UI pack. I am not very good with setting up addons and it usually takes me a long time before I get what I want from it, so here is a rather vague question for you before i start playing around with this UI pack. Is it possible to pick and choose only some addons with their respective configu...
File: BigWigs Bossmods01-13-11
Hello, i have a small issue with Bi...
Posted By: ameer
Hello, i have a small issue with BigWigs, it does not show me fixates on other players except myself, on the Omnotron Defense system. Am I doing something wrong, i see no option to toggle showing fixates on other people. The previous version used to show them just fine, but this one only shows it if its on myself. This is important b...
File: MikScrollingBattleText01-11-11
Posted By: ameer
Hello everyone, i'm rather new to MSBT, and i have been trying to find a way to extend the time that cooldowns are shown on my "static" scroll area. For example: when a cooldown is available i would like the announcement to be visible for about 3-4 seconds. Is there a way in which i can do that? Thank you in advance