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File: DrGlenn's Aion UI01-12-11
Thanks for the help. Now I can see...
Posted By: Blitzer
Thanks for the help. Now I can see the art bar and all the stuff without needing to scale the ui. Now there is only one detail left. As you can see in the next picture the addon that shows the fps and the memory usage is over the minimap. Is there a way for moving it? http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/630/wowscrnshot011211184403....
File: DrGlenn's Aion UI01-11-11
Great Job
Posted By: Blitzer
I've been following your job since the first youtube video. You did a great job. I'm using a your UI on a laptop screen with 1366x768 as native resolution. I move a lot of frames in order to have a good configuration but at the end scaling the ui to minimal makes impossible to read a lot of things like the quest log or the talent wi...