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File: nUI: Integration Carbonite (continued)07-19-11
Request: Remove "Map Infopanel"
Posted By: WeirDave
Since I use this add on I have no need for the "Map" info panel that displays in rotation with this add on. In order to remove it I spoke with Scott Peil and he gave me the code to remove it. I was wondering if you could use the code to perhaps tag along with your add on somehow? You need to edit and set "enabled = true" to "enab...
File: nUI : InfoPanel [Archy]06-23-11
Graphical Error
Posted By: WeirDave
I am using a laptop to play some of the time and the graphics are unplayable on it. I have a screenshot for reference if you need. Basically, the survey and green ball hang off the bottom of the screen and cover the icons below. Perhaps allocating it to the right of the Digsites?
File: nUI: Config [GUI]06-03-11
Suggestion: Curse
Posted By: WeirDave
Can you please post this on curse as well? That was I can stay up to date easily. Thanks!
File: nUI : InfoPanel [Archy]05-23-11
Posted By: WeirDave
Can you possibly publish this on Curse as well so I can always make sure i have the latest version? Thanks in advance,
File: EasySpam05-19-11
Posted By: WeirDave
It would be cool to have a GUI interface for this with profiles so that you can tailor it for each of your alts.
File: TB Alt-Trader05-19-11
Posted By: WeirDave
Do you support clicking on a single item in your bag to trade all of those items? Sort of a batch trade? Thanks,
File: nUI_Art_InvisibleMan03-24-11
Re: Love this skin.
Posted By: WeirDave
Originally posted by dragonsjewl Thanks so much for making this. It's made life on my laptop so much better as it is a small screen. It didn't matter if i used Blizz or nUI, it was cluttered. Of course I use nUI. Though the same space is taken, this gives the illusion of more open space and make it really nice. I highly recommend t...
File: Fishing Buddy02-10-11
Help File/Documentation
Posted By: WeirDave
Where can I get documentation on the stats/numbers that are being displayed?
File: nUI: Integration [Carbonite+Omen]01-25-11
Screen Shot
Posted By: WeirDave
Can I see a screen shot to see what is supposed to look like? I don't know if I have it configured correctly. WeirDave http://www.weirdave.com