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File: Afterlife Crowd Control01-25-11
Hunter traps
Posted By: Fishwick
if you want to add hunter traps then add a line under the "supported spells" heading thats reads... {3355, 78, true, true}, that is a 90 seconds (survival duration trap) as most hunters are survival. Please ca you let me know which line to edit from what to what for the glyphed sap duration.
File: Afterlife Crowd Control01-15-11
Hunter trap
Posted By: Fishwick
im play a hunter too and it does not track my traps at all. wyvern sting tacks but no traps which is obviously our primary cc. I would also like to thank both the original author and the new updater/maintainer for the time and effort with this mod, as a Raid Leader this is so useful to me clearing trash cleanly and smoothly bei...