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File: OneBag309-27-07
one bag isn't working for me
Posted By: dancombs
I installed onebag and it's in my addon list. However, when I open my bags, it just opens one bag, not all of them. I go to key bindings and onebag isn't there. I try /ob and /ob show and I get "Type '/help' for a listing of a few commands." I was using bagnon, but I disabled it when I loaded onebag. Any suggestions?
File: Titan [ClassTracker] Fan Update12-12-06
Paladins and Mages
Posted By: dancombs
Would it be possible to support Symbol of Kings for Paladins? Only Rune of Teleportation and Rune of Portals are showing up for Mages. My Light Feathers and Arcane Powders are not. :(