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File: Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)02-18-11
Hey elchefe, is there an option to...
Posted By: Dakr199
Hey elchefe, is there an option to change the alpha settings of a resource bar (focus) while not in combat? I tried the "show only in combat" option but it doesnt seem to work with resources. Nice addon btw:banana:
File: ElvUI02-13-11
Cast bar width
Posted By: Dakr199
Hey elv, really cool UI, just got one question, How do i change the cast bar width? Im using DPS layout and caster mode, i want to make it a little bit shorter, any tips? Tried to find it in layout.lua in DPS layout, but i couldnt manage to change it. Please help :)
File: ElvUI01-18-11
Updating to new version
Posted By: Dakr199
Hey Elv, Its been a while since i've been using this awesome UI, but i got one question, is it safe to just download and copy it into my addons folder? Because i've read in some posts that it erases previous changes that i've made. Is there an easy way to do this install? or just do it manually >.< because ive made so many edits to m...