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Originally posted by neverg It wa...
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Originally posted by neverg It was some spells that changed ID since the DK changes and whatsnot. Yes, noticed that ;). Another quite (probably) simple question: how can i make the lvl, unit race and icons like rested, in combat etc etc.., to spawn in the player bar? I've set the infobar to "= 0" so it is no more showing...
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Chat Tabs
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Just wish to know what's the addon for the 2 chat tabs in your screenshot, especially the one's in the bottom right part of the screen....:confused:
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Originally posted by neverg It sh...
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Originally posted by neverg It shows a corner indicator when it has a debuff. If you want a specific debuff to show as icon you need to add the debuff to the list in the cfg.lua file, there are other debuffs there just follow the examples should be easy. As for the totem, not that I know of, and anyway I'm kinda... very away fro...
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Party Frame
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Is there a way to set the party frame shows an icon on it, when the target has a dispellable debuff? can't find it by myself probably because i'm blind.. line 165 says: cfg.showRaidIconDebuffs = true -- Show Important Debuffs as Icons on the Party / Raid Frames But atm on my shaman lvl 72 doing 5 man WotlK istances seems to...
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lum No Love
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This buff reminder is great, and work well for me (warrior). Just 1 thing: it's possible to set him to not track Commanding Shout when my character has other auras (i.e. Power Word Fortitude) that cannot stack with it? And track Battle instead of commanding? This occurs only when i'm with my prot build and it automatically change...
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TotemBar problem
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Hi, i've a problem with the totem bar. I'm using the compilation LumUI with rActionBarStyler inside, and i can't find a way to make my totem bar like the screenshot u have in the main page of this layout. I've tryed to set the totembar func of rActionBarStyler to disable but it didn't work.. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for...
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Hi, im new on shamans but not on oUF unit frames, but i've got some problem while trying to uso this really useful plug-in. Atm i'm using this compilation lumUI with rActionBarStyler and i can't find a way to let this plug-in works. I've tryed to set the totembar of rActionBarStyler to =disable but didn't work. My question is: thi...