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File: XIV_Databar10-01-16
LibArtifactData-1.0 1.0.1
Posted By: Devellien
if anyone's getting the artifact errors like i was just google LibArtifactData-1.0 and d/l it off curse then replace the old one with new one in XIV_databar's Libs folder the version in there is 1.0 and the newest one is 1.0.1 on curse that cleared up the error's i had
File: XIV_Databar09-27-16
Message: Interface\AddOns\XIV_Datab...
Posted By: Devellien
Message: Interface\AddOns\XIV_Databar\modules\talent.lua:83: bad argument #1 to 'upper' (string expected, got nil) Time: 09/27/16 10:20:52 Count: 3 Stack: (tail call): ? : in function `upper' Interface\AddOns\XIV_Databar\modules\talent.lua:83: in function `?' Interface\AddOns\AGP\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:145: in function
File: XIV_Databar09-17-16
login error
Posted By: Devellien
get this error on login's Message: ...bar\Libs\LibArtifactData-1.0\LibArtifactData-1.0.lua:195: 'for' limit must be a number Time: 09/17/16 18:10:17 Count: 2 Stack: : ? ...bar\Libs\LibArtifactData-1.0\LibArtifactData-1.0.lua:195: in function <...bar\Libs\LibArtifactData-1.0\LibArtifactData-1.0.lua:193> ...bar\Libs\LibArtifa...
File: FreebTip09-15-16
getting this error on log in's M...
Posted By: Devellien
getting this error on log in's Message: Interface\AddOns\FreebTipiLvl\ilvl.lua:85: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'ilvl' (a nil value) Time: 09/15/16 10:25:05 Count: 1 Stack: (tail call): ? Interface\AddOns\FreebTipiLvl\ilvl.lua:85: in function Interface\AddOns\FreebTipiLvl\...
File: XIV_Databar08-29-16
Whee, error messages. Excellent....
Posted By: Devellien
Whee, error messages. Excellent. The garbage collection should be working, I'll add in some stuff to take a memory count before and after and print the difference. I should note that it doesn't run in-combat as I tended to err on the side of disabling things in-combat. right on :) it probably is working it use to print out in c...
File: XIV_Databar08-29-16
Re: garbage collect
Posted By: Devellien
plus this error Message: Interface\AddOns\XIV_Databar\modules\travel.lua:198: attempt to concatenate global 'hearthName' (a nil value) Time: 08/29/16 17:24:36 Count: 1 Stack: (tail call): ? Interface\AddOns\XIV_Databar\modules\travel.lua:198: in function `SetPortColor' Interface\AddOns\XIV_Databar\modules\travel.lua:344: in...
File: XIV_Databar08-29-16
garbage collect
Posted By: Devellien
the garbage collect i noticed is not working
File: Aurora08-15-16
get this error when at the barbersh...
Posted By: Devellien
get this error when at the barbershop Message: Interface\AddOns\Aurora\aurora.lua:401: attempt to index local 'f' (a nil value) Time: 08/15/16 17:53:36 Count: 1 Stack: : ? Interface\AddOns\Aurora\aurora.lua:401: in function `ReskinArrow' ...rface\AddOns\Aurora\AddOns\Blizzard_BarbershopUI.lua:20: in function `addonModule' In...
File: Aurora07-28-16
interface > Okay
Posted By: Devellien
the Okay button in the interface options is not working right least for me have to keep moving around the word "Okay" and clicking til it works and hits Okay http://imgur.com/Ff5myx3
File: oUF Phanx10-04-14
option leave text on?
Posted By: Devellien
awesome addon! i had a quick question though was wondering if there was a option or to edit a file to have the health and other text stay on instead of having to mouseover it to see them? TIA :D
File: DagAssist04-05-14
Re: a fix for paladins?
Posted By: Devellien
anyone know a fix for paladins? this still works on every class except paladins for some reason i tried the reset command and uninstalling-reinstalling deleted variable and still nothing won't work. i figured it out i went into DagAssist_Menu.lua and under --CLASS ABILITIES-- i cc&p the warrior and pasted it under it and change...
File: DagAssist03-31-14
a fix for paladins?
Posted By: Devellien
anyone know a fix for paladins? this still works on every class except paladins for some reason i tried the reset command and uninstalling-reinstalling deleted variable and still nothing won't work.
File: picomenu03-01-14
any plans?
Posted By: Devellien
any plans to make this movable + lock/unlock? tyvm for this addon :)
File: bAutoTrash08-04-13
bummed :(
Posted By: Devellien
woke up and decided to do my instance farming added a few item's so i typed /trash on and forgot to add "auto" and it destroyed 11 item's i didn't want destroyed like 3 epic's a trinket few buff food which i didn't mind but it also deleted item's i used for a mog stuff that came from 1 time only quest's and shirt no longer in the...
File: bAutoTrash08-02-13
thank you!
Posted By: Devellien
woohoo 1st comment :D i used a old old addon that did this but it started getting slugish after a few patches. i just want to say thank you for this addon it saves ALOT of time to get rid of junk i farm my own mats and this is a lifesaver! thank you again i appreciate your work/addon!
File: AfterKill08-11-11
emote to killed target
Posted By: Devellien
me again :) was wondering if having the emote trigger off when you kill someone instead of having no target at all would be possible? thanks for the addon been having fun with it in bg's :D :banana:
File: AfterKill08-10-11
no emotes
Posted By: Devellien
only the /s words appear for me it don't show any of the emotes don't know if it's just me that it ain't working for?
File: wChat01-23-11
edit box background
Posted By: Devellien
is there a option to change the edit box background color i've always had my chat background black but the edit box is clear and makes it hard to see with white text for me. thanks appreciate your addon