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File: Tidy Plates Beta01-02-12
I think I've fixed this in the curr...
Posted By: Thethiala
I think I've fixed this in the current release. It was indeed fixed, thank you for your hard work!
File: Tidy Plates Beta12-27-11
Hello! I've got a slightly annoy...
Posted By: Thethiala
Hello! I've got a slightly annoying bug. When I enable 'Show Party Member Class Icons' it also shows class icons on my enemies, even though 'Show Enemy Class Icons' is not checked. Checking the latter doesn't make a difference either. I would love to have class icons on only my allies, so I hope you can help me. :]
File: Cursed01-24-11
Looks very promising, Button Facade...
Posted By: Thethiala
Looks very promising, Button Facade support would be great though... :]