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File: Faceroller02-24-12
Posted By: Crixyz
is this addon gonna get updated or is there a new addon like this?
File: MUI Gen1 - Discontinued!10-27-11
Dps profle
Posted By: Crixyz
Hey awesome UI m8, i use this ui for my holy priest and my arcane mage, but on my mage i cant see the dmg i do, what is the name of the scrolling battle text? so i can configure it and put on show dmg or something, otherewise it was a awesome ui!
File: LeneaUI09-27-11
FPS drop!
Posted By: Crixyz
im droping alot of FPS when im using this ui :S
File: Dajova's UI (Tukui)04-27-11
Posted By: Crixyz
m8, cant u make the ui with recount, dbm and omen? that would be awesome! im not so good to make it look nice with dbm, reounct and omen :(
File: Ahrok's (Tuk)UI - MoP Edition04-10-11
Stance bar
Posted By: Crixyz
When im using this ui on my paladin, i cant see my auras :( how do i fix that?
File: mbXtremeUI 3.002-14-11
Posted By: Crixyz
Hi! my quartz dosnt work? or there is no profile and when im doing an own profile its just rests to defualt :S how can i fix that :P
File: mbXtremeUI 3.002-14-11
Very nice ui, love, this ui must be...
Posted By: Crixyz
Very nice ui, love, this ui must be the best ui i found to my warlock! cheers m8! :D