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Originally posted by Gvaz Also, o...
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Originally posted by Gvaz Also, one more question, is it possible to expand the width of my chatbar? I find it's a bit crowded and would like to see more text at once. Yeah, you can change the height and width in pixels in the options.
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Totem Bar
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After the most recent update I cannot change which Call I have on my totem bar, nor the totems associated with the call that is locked in place, is there something I need to enable to regain the ability to swap totem info around?
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Nameplates bug - Uldum
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I encountered a strange bug last night as I was questing in Uldum. The nameplates refused to show for Al'Akir Scions, although all the other hostile mobs showed and hid via the V key as normal. Haven't changed the options at all recently.