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File: Skillet02-20-09
Is there any way to not show the re...
Posted By: MegaSoum
Is there any way to not show the recipes craftable with banked items when selecting "Hide uncraftables"? Right now, if I check that option I will still see all the recipes I could do with the items in my bank (with a count). Thanks (and awesome addon...I can't play without it anymore!)
File: ArkInventory09-12-08
Nice mod!
Posted By: MegaSoum
I just found out about your mod, it's really nice. I'm using Advanced Bag Plus live realms right now but since the author stopped supporting it, I have small hopes for an update in WOTLK. I managed to setup the mod to my liking but I have 2 questions/suggestions: -Is there a way to hide all the empty spaces in the "general" bag?....