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File: Money Trail02-20-11
New Baud Bag Support
Posted By: AquilaChill
Baud Bag has changed (added token tracking & search, a few other small things) in the v4.0.3 beta's. would love to have this addons functionality back :) thanks
File: Shieldmonitor01-29-11
Error in ZF
Posted By: AquilaChill
was doing a random ZF on the executioners pyramid staircase & was partied with fire mage be, combat rogue goblin, bm hunter goblin & prot war be & i got a shield that looked like PWS, i think from Murta Grimgut. error popped & shield monitor had PWS icon & said "testering no shield". Date: 2011-01-27 16:02:04 ID: 2 Error occure...