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File: PlazmaUI(TukuiEdit)06-30-11
Re: update?
Posted By: Ailana
Originally posted by Calligrapher Sup Plazma, are you going to update your edit of tukui? Hey, I guess he's not going to update it since he told me that he stopped playing. til 4.2 it worked pretty fine. now there's the bottom row, that is not displayed anymore. does anyone else know how to fix it? I just love this edi...
File: PlazmaUI(TukuiEdit)02-18-11
Re: Re: Config
Posted By: Ailana
Originally posted by Plazma thats a extra addon maybe i add this in the next update Awesome! :D
File: PlazmaUI(TukuiEdit)02-17-11
Posted By: Ailana
hey buddy, it's me again :D is it possible to reactivate the ingame config again in your last update I already tried to copy the old on, but that doesn't work. Thanks for ya help
File: PlazmaUI(TukuiEdit)02-02-11
Re: Profiles
Posted By: Ailana
Originally posted by Ayre Hello, I have recently downloaded your version of Tukui. It's great. But I'm having problems with the omen, recount, pally power and eaves drop mods. I can't seem to find where to load the plazma profiles. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I guess you deleted his originally char in the WTF...
File: PlazmaUI(TukuiEdit)01-28-11
hallo plazma. erstmal vielen dank...
Posted By: Ailana
hallo plazma. erstmal vielen dank fürs sharen des interfaces. gute arbeit. ich hab da nur ein anliegen. ist es möglich, das man die bars so ändert, das sich nicht die unterste leiste ändert, wenn man in einem fahrzeug sitzt, sondern die zweite von oben? habs auf der TukUI HP gefunden, funktioniert leider nicht bei deinem edit. wär...