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File: HixxyUI (scales to fit widscreen)05-17-11
Sad Day
Posted By: Nightsune
I've been wanting to use this UI for awhile now (drooling over it actually) because I haven't found another like it. When my husband told me I could use the TV to get the resolution I needed I was very excited. After about an hour of try to get the tv/monitor to recognize the computer and visa verse it had finally loaded only to h...
File: HixxyUI (scales to fit widscreen)02-04-11
This is awesome and exactly what I'...
Posted By: Nightsune
This is awesome and exactly what I've been looking for. Sadly 1400 would still be to big for my puny monitor :(. The highest it goes is 1280 x 1024. Maybe my husband will let me steal his monitor lol. Update: My husband is going to buy me a new monitor just so I can use this UI :).