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File: OPUI01-13-13
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I couldn't help but notice; 1. It's an amazing UI comp 2. The chat of him pooping himself. :p
File: Letui V209-23-12
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I was wondering if I could get the Reflux switch profiles for the UI. Sometimes mine glitch on new toons and doesn't load the option for DPS or Healer. Fastest way I could think was to have the switcher codes. Thanks. :) By the way, amazing set-up for a compilation. Very smooth and fluid for pvp and pve alike as a healer. Nicely d...
File: UnityUI (1440x900 ~ 1920x1080)07-22-12
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The issue I have, is that the player frames are not showing up (Screenshot included). I tried to download one that I commonly use, which caused the entire UI to fail. Is there a way you, or you can show me how to 'code-monkey' the Utility set up so I can add my favorite frames, or you can help me fix the issue at hand. XD Either way,...
File: Trinity UI / Updated01-27-12
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I'm glad you like it. I'll be working on it now and then to keep it updated as well as setting it up for many different aspects. For now, it's a Healers dream for PvE and PvP. Any questions or comments, keep them coming!