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File: RealUI08-29-12
3rd Action Bar
Posted By: Argetlam
First of all thanks so much Gethe for picking this up. I've been using Real UI for years and I was not liking the prospect of having to build my entire UI from scratch in MoP. Nib, good luck with your health man. Secondly, I was wondering if you could add back the option for the 3rd action bar to the installer? I know I can just a...
File: RealUI10-31-11
Posted By: Argetlam
Hey Nib, Lovin' 7 :). Was wondering what your motivation was for using DXE instead of DBM was? I ask mainly because I do like to PvP sometimes and the DBM timers for BGs are very useful. Unfortunately DXE doesn't have any. I know I can just use DBM for BG only but I was wondering if you know of any additions to DXE that give it th...
File: RealUI10-11-11
Re: Re: Other Addons
Posted By: Argetlam
Originally posted by Nibelheim Skinning other addons won't really be available, but they shouldn't lose any content. I installed AtlasLoot to check it out, and it seems ok. Hmm, not near my wow box so I can't give you a screenshot. I may have updated some addons included with Real UI. I'll try a fresh install and see if that cha...
File: RealUI10-11-11
Other Addons
Posted By: Argetlam
Hey Nib! Loving 7.0 :) great job! Just one question. Not sure if someone has posted this yet but I've noticed that some addons (Panda, Atlasloot, Auctioneer) seem to not be compatible with the skinning you've done. By this I mean in some cases (Auctioneer) the added buttons/tabs are not skinned. In other cases (Panda, Atlasloot...
File: RealUI10-04-11
Posted By: Argetlam
just saw that 7.0 is out! looks amazing! can't wait to try it tonight! i'm at work and i'm seriously thinking of leaving so i can try it now...
File: RealUI08-05-11
Skada Settings
Posted By: Argetlam
First of all -- AWESOME job on the UI! Best UI ever :) On to the question -- I'm not really a fan of keeping Skada on "Current Fight" mode. Unfortunately no matter what I do Skada *always* resets to "Current Fight". I'll set it manually to "Total" but it will just go back. Is there any way to change the default setting of Skada?
File: RealUI02-09-11
Re: Adjustments for feral - and me
Posted By: Argetlam
First I have to say -- love love LOVE this compilation so much that i registered on this forum just to post! Best one i've used so far! On to business: I second the request for Rake on the HUD. It would really help out. You could even overload the Lacerate or Pulverize timer (since they are useless in Cat). Also, any plans for...