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File: Perl Classic Unit Frames02-10-11
Re: Re: Set Focus Issue
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Originally posted by Global This is a Blizzard issue. All custom unit frames cannot set a focus target this way. You must set it via a macro of some sort. The most basic way is to target something and type /focus Thanks so much for your timely reply, impressive:p So as u said, if we have to type /focus to set the target,...
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames02-09-11
Set Focus Issue
Posted By: slashpwn
First of all, I am using Perl Classic Unit Frames 4.06. I found a problem to set focus target. I clicked one target, and right click it to get the mean and the "set focus" option. But when I chose "set focus", it saied "Perl_target has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI..." So my questiuon is, is ther...