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File: Qulight UI02-10-11
Originally posted by iategod I'm...
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Originally posted by iategod I'm getting this error. Anybody know what might be happening? Got everything working again except this. Seems like a problem with your actionbuttonsytle. I have no idea how to fix it, all I know is that I don't have that issue. There can be a more easy way to fix this, I however suggest downloading...
File: Qulight UI02-09-11
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Guys, the issue to solving this, is despite what you might think, very easy. The issue, believe it or not, is the fact the spell: Drain Mana is not longer in the game. So. Go to QulightUI/uf/castbar.lua and remove: = 5, -- drain mana Type /rl And tadaa Hope it helps some people, as I was quite upset I couldn't raid toni...