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File: CLC DK09-15-12
Is the alternate rotation check box...
Posted By: jrr
Is the alternate rotation check box for masterfrost? Thanks.
File: CLC DK02-12-11
That seems to have fixed it. I'm g...
Posted By: jrr
That seems to have fixed it. I'm getting about 30 fps on a dummy in Org. I'll have to check it in a raid to really test it, but 30 is about 29 higher than I was getting last night. Thank you very much! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your hard work on this addon. I simply could not play my death knight without it.
File: CLC DK02-11-11
Re: Bug
Posted By: jrr
Originally posted by Vanstraza Having issues with this addon. Updated it today and its causing major FPS issues, and the addon memory usage goes up to 10MB drops back down to over a MB. Then continues to go back up and does this over and over. Sorta like its stuck in a loop. Also, the box doesnt even show up. Disabled all other add...