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File: ForteXorcist09-26-12
Priest - Mind Flay
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2x Forte_Casting\Forte_Casting.lua:249: attempt to perform arithmetic on local "endTime" (a nil value) Forte_Casting\Forte_Casting.lua:249: in function Forte_Casting\Forte_Casting.lua:770: in function "v" Forte_Core\Forte_Core-1.980.7.lua:319: in function Loc...
File: nPower10-13-11
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Percent of the power value can appear there?
File: Yay Mounts02-17-11
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1x YayMounts-1.1.92\YayMounts.lua:737: attempt to call global 'GetWintergraspWaitTime' (a nil value) :"*:PreClick":1: in function <:1> Locals: self = YayMountsButton { 0 = } button = "LeftButton" down = false ---