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File: BlkUI10-03-13
Borders and Shared Media
Posted By: Tyronde
Hello there. First of all, fantastic UI, I love the simplicity and cleanliness of it. Its inspired me to create my own. My question to you is thus: How do you create Border textures? Are there any rules or decent documentation for it anywhere? I've looked all over and haven't turned up any kind of official guidelines on how the...
File: ElvUI02-14-11
Loot window.
Posted By: Tyronde
Hey there, Several users have been having problems using EPGPLootmaster with Tuk/ElvUI, whereby the EPGPLootmaster loot frame doesn't open. I submitted a ticket with Lootmaster's developer and got the following response: "TukUI restyles the loot windows, it seems EPGPLootmaster doesn't know which slot is clicked. Open a tic...